Persist and Win the Competition!

Chirag Rijal
3 min readJul 8, 2021

Persistent means to continue to exist or occur over a prolonged period. What is beneficial should exist persistently over time. Why is that? In order to reap the benefits, we have to continuously do it for years and years.

Just like the way we eat food or drink water for years from time to time, whenever we get hungry or thirsty. We have to find the solution to each problem we face and keep on continuing to do it over the years. Identify the problem and also, the solution to the problem. In many cases, there are more solutions to a specific problem, so we have the choice to select the better alternative among them.

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Although, we know this somewhere within us, why are we often confused by things around us? What is the reason behind us stopping to become persistent in our habits and actions? Why do we let days get a pass away without much achievement? Why do we lose our motivation to work harder after we accomplish a big task? Obviously, there is more to explore than we currently know.

To become persistent, one has to repeat the action, again and again, whenever the problem arises. We can’t forget the past experience we have accumulated but we can improvise over it and make it simpler. However, if we neglect it, we will soon fall back to the bottom, where we succumb to know our laziness and procrastination. The darkness will slowly consume us, and make us unworthy of blessings in life.

There is no getting around with persistence. A writer becomes a better writer every time, they complete a page. An athlete becomes a better athlete every time, they train or participate in sports or matches. An engineer becomes a better engineer every time, they solve a problem in real life. Meaning, we have to do the action persistently, which reinstates our identity and improves our craft. No one can reach a height of success, without persistent effort. A quitter can never reach the height of success that men and women have desired from the beginning of a career. The kind of success we keep on hearing time to time, success stories which are repeated over time and for generation takes years of time to achieve.


Lacking persistency in the work will accomplish no task. It is easy saying it than doing it. Because, whenever we start working, we have to face the problem for real. Without the ability to solve the problems, we can’t figure out what we are dealing with. Developing such ability takes time and anything that takes a longer time period requires persistent action. Doing the work repeatedly day by day and learning the different aspects of the work, that’s the only path to master the work.

Be persistent to work. Do it on regular basis with all odds coming upfront.

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